Duquesne Light Company's Request for Proposals

RFP Rules

RUL 00001

Question: What sort of criteria will the RFP be searching for? Is the site control required? Any grid or injection studies needed? Any specific types of PPA providers that you are looking for?

Answer: Site control is not specifically required. Please review the solicitation documents for all of the qualification requirements.

RUL 00002

Question: What kind of rates for PPAs will DLC contract for? How will DLC assess and determine which PPAs to contract with?

Answer: Duquesne Light Company will review the bids and select winners based on a number of criteria.  Those criteria include both economic and qualitative considerations.  There is no specific price target for any PPA.  Duquesne will select the best proposal or proposals based on the evaluation considerations.

RUL 00003

Question: Will future RFPs be coming in addition to this one?

Answer: If this RFP does not result in contractual agreement acceptable to PA PUC, then Duquesne Light may conduct another Solar RFP in 2022. At this time, there are no specific plans to conduct further RFPs in the current DSP. 

RUL 00004

Question: Is this RFP going to be conducted through PowerAdvocate?

Answer: No, this RFP will be conducted by CRA International. All the submissions to be sent to the RFP Submission Email Address: DuquesneSolar-RFP@crai.com

FAQs Disclaimer

The information provided in the Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQs”) section of the Site has been prepared by Duquesne and its advisors for the purposes of facilitating the Request for Proposal process. The information presented and distributed here is subject to update, modification and/or amendment. The information is current as of the posting date. The material presented and distributed here is for informational purposes only and is made available with the understanding that any individual accessing it will use it for the sole purpose of participating in the aforementioned Request for Proposal process. The information is not intended to form any part of the basis of any investment decision, valuation, or any bid that may be submitted during the Request for Proposal process. This information should not be relied upon, and each recipient should make its own independent assessment of the subject opportunity after making all investigations it deems necessary.

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