Duquesne Light Company's Request for Proposals

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The Duquesne Light Company’s 2023 Solar RFP

Duquesne Light Company

Duquesne Light Company (DLC) is a regulated electric distribution utility headquartered in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Duquesne Light Company delivers electricity to over 600,000 customers in Allegheny and Beaver counties. As a next generation energy company, Duquesne Light Company’s nearly 1,700 employees are dedicated to delivering reliable and safe energy to more than half a million customers in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Request for Proposals

DLC is committed to providing a clean and reliable supply of electric power to its customers. In order to encourage the development of solar resources in its service territory and in the broader western Pennsylvania or statewide region, DLC seeks to enter into one or more Power Purchase Agreements (“PPA”) with solar facilities for the purchase of AEPS solar credits and renewable energy output. Solar facilities should, at a minimum, meet industry-wide reliability and performance criteria for electric generation facilities.

CRA International (“CRA”)

Duquesne Light Company has retained Charles River Associates (“CRA”) to manage the RFP process on behalf of Duquesne for the purpose of creating the RFP and soliciting responses. CRA will also serve as an independent third party to evaluate all proposals on behalf of DLC.

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